Hosting Center

State of the Art Hosting Center

BizTech’s hosting center provides flexible, cost-effective, and innovative IT solutions for small to mid-size organizations and Fortune 500 companies. We support organizations representing a variety of industries such as financial services, hospitals, manufacturing, medical insurance companies and other companies that require exceptional support and high performance of their business critical environments.

Our hosting center offers state of the art security features including retinal scan, person traps and smart card access in addition to round the clock security personnel and video surveillance. The hosting center is designed to deliver peak performance, at any time of day, regardless of how many users are online simultaneously. It is also energy efficient offering environmentally conscientious initiatives. Most data centers experience very high energy usage, making their hosting retainers and fees more expensive. By our green initiatives, we are saving our clients money as well as respecting our environment.

By providing world-class security, in a state of the art hosting center, BizTech clients can rest assured knowing their data is secure and available when they need it. These services, coupled with our ability to support SAS/70 Type II, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, GLB, JCAHO, HIPAA, FDA, and PCI requirements provides a foundation that few companies can match.